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Welcome to the 2020 Table Affair!

Tonight's party will take place as a Zoom meeting. This website is tonight's virtual event space.

Scroll through this page to take a look at the Agenda, Contests, and Live Auctions items.

Please make sure to read through our short list of housekeeping items and use the below link to join the party.

Let's Have Some Fun!

Doors Open at 6:45 PM

Click Here to Join the Party!

Meeting ID: 817 4193 5938

Passcode: 456407

Housekeeping Items

Everyone coming to tonight's party will be placed in the waiting room until the doors open at 6:45 PM.

We encourage everyone to come with their camera on so that we can see you, your outfit, and your background!

All participants are muted when they join, but can unmute themselves at any time.

Using chat and reactions is encouraged and welcomed throughout the night!

Tonight's Events

The Board of Investing In My Future welcomes you to our Annual Table Affair!

Let's Eat, Drink, and Dance!

Featuring Live Entertainment

Crowd Motivator, Phillip Wilson & DJ Taz

Schedule of Events

WIN Entertainment.png












Doors Open

Welcome & About Us

 - Mix & Mingle / DJ starts Taking Mixing

Recognition of Sponsors


 - Live Auction Items

 - Dance Competition Rules

 - Viewer's Choice Rules

Dance Contest Starts! It's Wobble Time!

Dance Contest Winner Announced

Live Auction Starts!

 - Live Auction Winners Announced

Viewers Choice Award Announced

Thank You's & Closing

Best Background | Best Outfit | Dance Challenges

Each year, one table wins the "Voter's Choice" award based on how many votes are purchased for their table.

Since we don't have tables this year, we've come up with three different ways to win prizes, and donate to IIMF!

For each of the challenges below, the winner will be decided by how many donations they receive.

Each winner will be announced at the end of the night and will receive a $25 prize!

_ _ _ _ _

Tonight we encouraged everyone to

decorate their background and show

their creativity from home!

Whose do you think is the best?

Be Creative!

Did you wear your best at home

party outfit to impress your neighbors

and have some fun? We hope so!

Who had the best outfit tonight?

Dress to Impress!

Let's dance! Set up your camera

or dance from your chair to show

off your best moves! 

Did someone's moves outshine the rest?

Get Your Wobble On!

Live Auction

Each year, we have a silent and live auction. This year we deiced to do all auction items LIVE!

To participate in the live auction, use the chat feature in Zoom.

The items being auctioned off will be announced and bids will open and be taken via chat only.

Bids must be entered in at least $5 increments, starting from the opening bid. Smaller bid increments will not count.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate!

Tonight's Items Up For Auction

The Perfect Date Night

Starting Bid: $65.00

Go out on the town for one memorable night out, or a few!

Package includes gift certificates for $50 to Flix Brewhouse, $50 to Bar Louie, and $30 to Splash Seafood Bar & Grill.

Valued at $130.00

Strike It Rich!

Starting Bid: $40.00

How much will you win? Scratch away to find out!

An array of scratch off lottery tickets, including $1, $2, $3, $5, and $10 scratch tickets.

Value: Only The Winner Will Know!

Healthy and Fast

Starting Bid: $75.00

Revolutionize your kitchen with this new gadget that cooks all of your fried favorites!

Package includes an Instant Pot 4-in-1 Air Fryer, Cookbook, and a $20 Walmart Gift Card.

Valued at $150.00

Looking Good & Feeling Gorgeous

Starting Bid: $25.00

Two loveable and unforgettable hats with a $25 Visa gift card to buy the accessories you need!

The first hat is a fabulous, wide expensive brimmed hat in crimson red with a distinctly stylish white bow.

The second hat is a loveable, broad brimmed hat in a soft gray with an elaborate black flower and silver ribbon.

Valued at $150.00

Dine Around Town

Starting Bid: $75.00

Enjoy eating at local restaurants and munching on a bucket of popcorn from Chicago's Garrett Popcorn Shop!

Package includes: $50 gift cards to each Bar Louie, Applebee's, and Flix Brewhouse.

Valued at $200.00

Be"FORE" & After

Starting Bid: $100.00

Start the day with a $25 gift card to Waveland Cafe, then hit the links with four passes for

18 Holes of Golf (Cart Included) at one of the city's golf courses. Finish the night off right

with a bite to eat and drinks at Jethro's BBQ with a $50 gift card.

Valued at $275.00

IIMF Timeshare

Starting Bid: $150.00

Enhance your next vacation by taking advantage of everything our timeshare has to offer!

Located in beautiful Kissimmee, Florida and a short drive from Disney World, it's the perfect getaway!

Auction winner will need to set up reservation with Syeta Glanton before December 31, 2020 for a 2021 date.

Valued at $500.00

Were you one of tonight's winners?

The Perfect Date Night
Strike It Rich!
Healthy & Fast
Red Hat.jpg
Gray Hat.jpg
Dine Around Town
BeFORE & After.jpg
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