Scholarship Opportunities

IIMF Scholarship Opportunities


Investing In My Future, Inc. awards scholarship funds to graduating seniors and alumni who actively participated or continue to participate in our organization's events. Below are our current scholarship offerings, which are awarded annually at our Senior Recognition event.

IIMF Alumni Scholarship

Graduating Seniors Scholarship

LaTrease D Porte Mental Health Awareness and Stigma Elimination Scholarship

Luther & Willie Glanton Civil Rights Scholarship

Resilience Scholarship for Students from Single Parent Homes

If you would like to create or fund a scholarship to help our graduating seniors and alumni further their education, or have any questions about current scholarship offerings, feel free to reach out to our President, Mary Wells.

College Library

Community Scholarship Opportunities

As scholarship opportunities become available within the community, we will share them here.


If you have information regarding a scholarship that our students should apply for, please reach out to IIMF President, Mary Wells or send information to our general email,